The new generation of air curtains

Like mountains, dividing climate

Like mountains, air curtains also separate different climate zones. The air stream creates an invisible door that prevents the air from different areas to blend, an energy efficient solution regardless of whether you want to maintain a heated or cooled indoor climate. Now, we are proud to present our new air curtain ranges Pamir, Arden, Sierra, Scand and Ruwen.

Greener and smarter than ever

Looks familiar? Yes, but no. The outside is not mainly what distinguishes our new air curtains from our previous ones – it is the inside.

EC motors

Our new air curtains are equipped with EC motors that are up to 50% more energy efficient than traditional AC motors.

Lower weight

The new units have a lower weight than their predecessors, which make for easier installations and greener transports.


We develop products for a sustainable future, and all our new air curtains already fulfill the upcoming ErP directive.

One system, numerous possibilities

Frico air curtains come with an integrated PC-board and are supplemented with the intelligent control system FC of your choice, working together to create many smart and energy saving features. There are four different levels to choose from depending on your requirements.

Mobile Frico app
Icon easy set-up

Easy set-up and operation

The system automatically detects any products or sensors that are connected to it and immediately becomes functional. If anything is removed, a notification is sent out, and the system remains operational according to the new conditions.

Icon automatic airflow

Automatic airflow control

In order to generate the best possible door protection in any given condition, the system automatically adjusts the airflow steplessly between 0–100% based on the indoor and outdoor temperature.

Icon energy saving

Energy savings with precise control

By receiving and reacting to information about the current room temperature in addition to incoming and outgoing temperatures, the right amount of heat is added to avoid overshoots and thus reducing energy consumption.

Icon create zones

Create zones

The zone feature allows you to create different zones for different conditions in a larger system, to create maximum comfort and energy savings in all areas. All zones can be controlled from the same app.

Save energy and money

Save energy and money

Frico air curtains are equipped with Thermozone technology, which provides optimal curtain effect with a perfect balance between air volume and velocity. Frico air curtains provide the most efficient separation between two areas, with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Create comfort

Create comfort

Apart from preventing drafts, air curtains also keep out emissions and insects. Sound is also important for the indoor comfort and at Frico we place great importance on the sound levels of our products. The fans we use together with our optimized air flow geometry provide a low sound level.

Leading technology

Leading technology

Frico is the leading supplier of air curtains, radiant heaters and fan heaters in Europe. We have access to one of Europe’s most modern and advanced air and sound laboratories, and the measurements are carried out according to the AMCA and ISO standards.

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